Test of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS: the best of Porsche’s technological arsenal

porche-911-992-los-angeles-08 maroc

It will not have been long before Porsche recovers its title of “fastest production car in the world” on the Nürburgring North loop. Faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Powerful and faster than its own hypercar 918 Spyder, Porsche has just launched the ultimate 911: the GT2 RS.

To the question “which supercar is the easiest to use on a daily basis? Many will certainly answer the Porsche 911 for good reason! However, the relative docility of the most “civilized” versions answers a 911 inversely more extreme. 911 GT2 RS, the all-time Porsche: the most powerful 911 homologated on the road, but also the fastest Porsche of all time. The GT2 RS was created to shoot down all the reference times. And she has already proved it by setting the fastest lap time on the Nürburgring’s north loop: 6 minutes 47.3 seconds. 10 seconds faster than the 918 Spyder! How is it possible ? How did Porsche turn its 911 into a real fighter? We went to discover it in England, on the road and the legendary circuit of Silverstone.

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What is a GT2 RS?
Carrera, Turbo, GTS, GT3 … Not to mention the variations S, R or RS … At Porsche, the range is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to navigate the nomenclature. So what is a 911 GT2 RS? It’s simply the cross between the most powerful 911 in the lineup, the Turbo S, with the most radical of the trackers, the GT3 RS. From the Turbo S, it only keeps the nasty Flat6 3.8 biturbo. From the GT3, we find the same philosophy in terms of aerodynamics and lightening. The same spirit “race”. Moreover, this GT2 RS is a propulsion, it does not keep the transmission of Turbo S, which saves about 200 kg on the scale and obviously benefits from driving. Lighten up a little more and inflate the mechanical 120 hp. You get the most ultimate tool ever out of the factories of the Stuttgart firm. 700 hp on the only rear wheels, and 1.470 kg on the scale with the full, the ratio “weight / power” perfectly reflects the exclusivity of the model.

To assume this extra power, Porsche has had to develop a system that sprays water on the air cooler to keep a stable power after several laps! But just watch this GT2 RS to understand that we are not facing an ordinary 911. Very impressive! The GT3 looks cute next to it. And what about the sound, monstrous slow motion, especially when the Sport mode engaged. In fact, this GT2 RS just seems to have escaped from a circuit. And for good reason, it benefits from all the Porsche experience in competition.

porche-911-992-los-angeles-08 maroc

Race DNA
The front bumper is expanded to accommodate oversized air intakes. Central ventilation at the base of the hood is used to press the front for maximum directional power. The scoops on the bonnet are designed for brake cooling and come from Carrera Cup. The side vents on the front wings reduce lift by facilitating the extraction of air that rushes into the wheel arches. The rear air intakes are enlarged to fill the turbos with air. Finally, the bottom of boxes and the diffuser are widened, as well as the rear wing all in carbon to increase the support considerably. In fact, every detail that makes up this GT2 RS is designed for performance.

And in this case one of the most effective optimizations is often the most difficult to implement: the reduction of weight. This is where we see the exclusivity of the model. Porsche tracked down the slightest gram. The hood, front fenders, and many other items such as air intakes or mirrors are made of carbon fiber reinforced composite materials. The pavilion is magnesium. The side windows and the rear windshield are lightened glass (a first for Porsche because the former had polycarbonate windows).

An exclusive Weissach pack

And as at Porsche there is no limit to the exclusivity, our test model is equipped with the optional Weissach pack, allowing to earn another 30 kg (30.000 euros the option). This includes magnesium wheels with a weight reduction of 11.5 kg. The titanium exhaust saves 7 kg. And on board also hunting superfluous kilo is optimal. From now on, this 911 offers only two places. We settle in beautiful carbon tubs. The rear seats are secured by a roll bar, a titanium safety cell lighter than the 12 kg steel version of the Clubsport Pack. And when you are told that the design is lightened to the maximum, the word