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Most of us have never actually been facing extreme survival situation like war, famine etc. I hate to put forward theories without evidence and to share historical stories or testimonials of people who have experienced similar situations, so we do not have many sources on which we rely to get an idea of people’s behavior in case serious crisis.
I discovered there are a few online video game based primarily on survival: DayZ Standalone. I venture to believe that this game is realistic enough to reveal in part the behavior would have actually a lot of people in the event of catastrophic circumstances. To those who say “video games is not like real life” I totally agree, however, I remain convinced that they can be part of people’s behavior, and I hope to convince you later in this article!
A few words about DayZ Standalone
The game principle is simple. When starting the game, the player starts on a range of Chernarus, a fictional post-Soviet state that has suffered a bacteriological catastrophe. As a survivor, disarmed the player has only trousers, a shirt and a flashlight with her stack. He has to go to the interior to find water, food, weapons, ammunition, drugs and equipment that will help him survive.
The player meets other survivors (up to sixty players may be present on the same card). However, each player is alone and has no allies “default”, there are no teams. Resource scarcity can carry a player doing some players called “bandits”, killing the other survivors, and people willing to help others (“hero”) are rare because it is common for a person lets help then pulls in the back of his savior. Therefore, the survivor must be careful and cautious, and must proceed methodically.
Why this game is very realistic
The game map is a giant world (225 km2) in which cities are located, villages, observation points, and military bases. In many places we fear finding material randomly generated. This material may not be necessary (cans and empty bottles, inappropriate ammunition to the weapon range), survival (water, food, matches, tents, maps, bandages etc.) or fighting (night vision binoculars, arms and ammunition) . Weapons are nevertheless very rare and are almost impossible to find outside military bases, very rare too.
Your character is governed by statistics, which are the amount of blood (points), his hunger, thirst, body temperature and humanity. His hunger, thirst and body temperature may influence the amount of blood, and humanity designates its “goodness” to other players. Killing a player the lowers but the cure raises. It can be affected by various status effects: bleeding, which is randomly inflicted by injuries (stab, gunshot due to a bad fall etc.), and that drains blood from the player. Fractures, which force the player to crawl if he has broken legs. He can still stand or squat, but the move automatically reset when lying down. The pain inflicted randomly by injuries, and that shakes your character when aiming.
We can talk to other players as orally via a microphone and only way to reach players in the game can hear us, as in reality.
Finally, very important point: You only have one life. That is to say, if you are killed, you start over completely to the starting point, without equipment or food. Moreover, nothing is easier than to die: you can die of hunger, thirst, cold, due to injury etc. in short, everything! Nothing to do with the classic video games or you have to take thirty times in the head before he died …
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Some unrealistic point Surviving Liver.
Of course this is still a video game and a few things are not realistic and are there to spice up the game: Some players play DayZ as other shooting video games: they do not really play survival, mock die, seek only to kill other players for fun. There are places on the map zombies, only they are not at all intelligent and very easy to kill even without sophisticated equipment. So they do not really disturb me very realistic look of the game.
A real lesson in survival
Here’s what I learned playing DayZ and which in my opinion is true in real life. I look forward to your comments on this part of the article.

Two broad categories of behavior Surviving Liver.

There are no rules of the game in Legends, the only goal is to survive. It is then interesting to note that very soon two “families” of players emerged: the “bandits” and “heroes.” Indeed when lack of food and water, essential elements of survival, there are two ways to get them: either himself seeks his food or group in abandoned houses or hunting or we hunt other players to kill and retrieve what they wear on them. These two categories of players are fairly evenly distributed and therefore never know about who you’re gonna get. When you meet a stranger, half the time it will give us food and possibly treat what we once he put us on two shot in the head even before he said a word.
How to avoid unpleasant encounters Surviving Liver.
Since we have a 50% chance of hitting a “bandit” and to be killed in each game, the best way to avoid this and avoid as much unknown (finally our parents were right!). Why some rules of behavior are essential: It is better to avoid highly concentrated population areas: large cities are the place where we find the most food and equipment but also where we meet most individuals.

It is better to stay in the most deserted areas like the countryside and small villages. The problem is that we are sometimes forced to travel to a city if we sorely lacking food or water, the risk of dying. When traveling, it is best to remain as discreet as possible. For example, rather than walking in the middle of a road, it is best to follow a few tens of meters. We advance more slowly for sure, however, is much less likely to be spotted. Also it is better to walk in the vehicle. The vehicle has any defects: even if it moves forward much more quickly, it is extremely noisy, can borrow roads maintained in general, and it is especially an object of desire that will cause you problems if serious crisis. In addition there is a significant risk of accident: it would be stupid to die from a car accident in one of the last cars that can run! Avoid your presence by noise or light. This involves speaking only to say some really important things and use minimum torches at night. Fire is also avoid the most of the day (smoke) and night (light).

It is better to be dead eat cold with a hot meal in the stomach. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have spotted far unknown there are two possibilities: either he spotted you and the best solution is to run away to a remote hideout in an environment where it will be difficult to find yourself (the woods are good for this) and wait for it to be removed, or it has not spotted you, and the best way is to take cover in the nearest hiding place (a single bush can do the trick) and wait the alien continue his route away from you.
How to behave during an unexpected meeting
As I said just before, I think the best is to avoid as much encounters. For me there is no pride to be in a situation of extreme survival and it is better to run away and save himself rather than trying to win and be killed. Only sometimes it falls on someone very close to us (especially in the cities, the turning of a street) and the escape is not an option. It must then act subtly. If you are at a disadvantage, you have no weapon and the person in front of you is one, you almost have no chance to get away if it intends to s’ use. However, you can put a maximum of odds in your favor by following these rules: Put yourself in a submissive position (hands up / kneeling) and try to engage in discussion with the other protagonist. Tell him that you want him any harm, you do not have equipment or interesting object on you and you want to just keep walking. If you indeed have food or equipment, do not hesitate to give it everything you have in exchange for life. Again it is better to be alive than dead and naked and dressed, and finally to you … Finally beware always of a fine speech from someone who is more armed than you. Often people are pretending to have a friendly attitude to approach you more easily and you can kill at close range with a single bullet in the head rather than wasting ten pursuing you. If you are better equipped with weapons that the other person (that is to say that you have a loaded firearm and does not), I advise you to make him understand quickly that you do not have the intent to kill and sign of confidence you can give him to drink or eat. It may even be worthwhile to invite him to proceed with you. However distrust, and sometimes people encountered will be jealous of your equipment and try to seize it viciously. So keep always a few meters distance between you and your new. You will have a beautiful assault rifle, if he can knock you out with a single board, the best you will wake up a few minutes later without equipment in the middle of the road and no one on the horizon, at worst you will be dead … If you are armed and the unknown also, the situation is generally tense and often degenerates into a duel. Except that one should not forget that in a situation of serious crisis, firearms and bullets are very rare, and it is even rarer to have ammunition that match the gun you carry. So there is plenty of opportunity for the person in front of you is bluffing and that his gun is not loaded. If yours is and you feel that the other is bluffing and trying to intimidate you, fire a shot in the air and he will know who he is dealing with.
The power of the group Surviving Liver.
If the group can be a problem for long-term problems of poor internal agreement, in case of unexpected meeting it proves to be a great asset. Indeed, surprisingly enough, a group of three or four poorly armed people may well put pressure on one individual somewhat better armed. When you dominate group and one person army, the best is to confiscate his weapon and ammunition. This will avoid to fall on the same person 100 meters that befall half of your group members in an ambush.
When you meet someone who is probably friendly and in a situation close to yours in terms of food equipment, so I can only encourage you to associate yourself with it, if only for a limited duration, like crossing a city, even right after you separate resume for each of your way.
The group located its interest in case of problems. If a person is injured, another group member can easily run to find something to treat it as one, death is almost inevitable in most cases.

Assess the risk Surviving Liver.
In a survival situation you find yourself often face difficult because of the appreciation of the danger choice. Indeed, the most interesting places to refuel are the most dangerous in general. We must therefore avoid succumbing to laziness and go to a place filled with food, counting on luck to get by, it will not work. It is therefore often better to walk ten kilometers more to go to a quieter location rather than rushing into a trap.
Always evaluate its reserves
In DayZ more than in reality, it is very fast to die of hunger or thirst. It is therefore essential before embarking on a journey to a place without any source of food or water to know how long we can keep up with its reserves. This is especially difficult when we do not know the region well or you are. One of the best tools for this is to have a paper map of the region, which will assess the distance from one point to another. Also consider using road signs if you do not have a card. On this subject I refer you to my article How far can I travel on foot a day?
To end on a positive note
Contrary to what I read on many sites and forums on which people speculate on the behavior of man in serious crisis I was rather reassured by my discoveries in that game. Again I am not weak and I suspect that the actual behavior of people would necessarily be different in reality. But in a video game where the value of life is not very important when I see some really nice people who are willing to give their next free food and care, I am rather reassured: in reality, where each takes a lot more to his life, I think there will also generous people. The problem is of course that generosity is proportional to the availability of vital resources. The fewer to eat and drink, the more people will kill each other and against that you can not do much, except isolate themselves up and look for yourself enough to live …

So much for this article that soon I will complete soon if the subject interests you. I know I took a risk by taking as reference a video game, video games do not often being considered as serious ways to learn about the world. Nevertheless, I hope that you will be interested in my approach and I look forward to your feedback, positive or negative!
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