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Tips and tricks

Here are the different items on survival in nature.

1. How to navigate without a compass

-In Night (northern hemisphere)

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Locate the North Star, is point after the little bear. A merchant in his direction you go north.

-watch Moss on trees, it grows much further north because it need shade and moisture.

– If you have a watch with a needle, place it horizontally and point the hour hand at the sun. Imagine the angle from the center of your watch by the hour and number 12 angle cut into 2 (bisecting) and you have the south.

2. Predicting the weather Survival Pack

Know the clouds:

 cumulus clouds are like cotton, they are a sign of good weather unless they blacken

 stratus usually bring rain or snow

 cirrus announce good weather

-The Wind can also help you, big bursts announce a sudden change of weather

– A very strong odor of “green” can announce a coming storm

3. Build a makeshift shelter

– Tension perpendicular to the wind a rope between two trees (planted or two masts) to put a tarpaulin in the direction of its length. Secure the ends of the sheet with rocks.

– If you do not have a tarpaulin, use nature and all the branches around you, so you make a wind barrier or roof

– The teepee-shaped cabin is one of my favorite techniques. just put branches supported on the trunk, while around a tree (the tree being the pity of the tipi) this forms a teepee. It must cover the ground with branches for you isolate the most of the cold and make a door. (Fill holes with branches)


4. find water

Our body needs lots of water to operate. It should drink small but often waterlogged. The body can consume more than 5 liters of water a day, it is paramount to find water regularly

Look to your waterways card that crosses your path. If you do not find a card raised corner to see all that surrounds you. A very dense and lush vegetation will lead you to a water point

– If you can not find a water point, you have to find a way to harvest rainwater or morning dew on vegetation. Tying your shirt or shirt around your calves after walking a good time you can harvest water.

– Some plants rich in water:

The palm: cut a palm leaf and the back, he comes out of the water Survival Pack

rod-de-bambou.jpg Bamboo: hack it in its upper part and torder it down! attach it in this position and water will flow.

bananier_2_copie1.jpg Banana: just make a cut just above the ground (15 to 20 cm) then just make a hole in the center. Water will flow through the hole.

5. Eat Survival Pack tips

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– Easy Food: wild fruits and berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, hazelnuts, blueberries …) roots and some flowers (daisy leaf and dandelion can be eaten raw)

– Insects: grasshoppers, crickets, locusts (do not eat the legs and wings, you need to cook good)

– Snails, slugs and earthworms (you must flatten and grill) Survival Pack

– frogs

– the birds

– the fish

– the mammals  Survival Pack tips

to be avoided:

– Insects and color species live.

– Toads and frogs living color

– Carnivorous mammals

To test the toxicity of a “food” there are several step

1. the smell Survival Pack

2. skin contact

3. contact with the language

4. swallow and wait five hours

If you have allergic reaction to Phase 2 and 3 drop. If you feel a fishing odor or almond in phase 1 drop.

Survival Pack Trick to Best Survival tips and all about

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