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You have to see things in the face, I’m not an expert on wildlife. It will take me probably much documentation before you suggest a particular type of compass or a better survival knife Survival gear. Anyway, since the time that I live in town, and I wonder what is the ultimate average urban equipment, I have more cards in hand to sort.

Here is a list of 14 small items you always take along for emergencies. Are they are needed? You decide ?

Survival in urban areas, it is the awareness that at any time there is a (low) possibility of disaster or accident. The optimum is for me to train in first aid (see martial arts) and be informed of the risks we run in a particular area and then to equip accordingly.

Let us be clear. I’m not suggesting you move permanently with a solar charging equipment, food and water for three days, four false passports and firearms smuggling. If you really believe that the end of the civilized world is at hand, rather then store it all at home. Personally, I think to survive in 2012, even without weapons of war (note for posterity, we June 2, 2010 and if you have proof that I was wrong, how have you managed to stay alive for online these lines?).
14 objects indispensable to the survival gear?

As a preamble (even if it does not fit the “small object” box), wear clothes suitable for the weather and your environment. At the weather I guess I do not need to explain, heat, cold and humidity make us react immediately. For the rest it is recommended to choose an outfit that matches certain social codes: You do not go in dressed in shorts evening (unless you ladies, but attention to the choice of shorts) and does not cross the 93 to itself feet, dressed as a drag queen at 3am.
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survival List all secret reveled

Survival gear and tips All secret:

A knife, preferably multi-purpose: Under the legislation, all knife port is suspect and puts you at the thank you of the authorities who would take the trouble to search you. US plébiscitent the Leatherman brand multi-tool and knife nonaggressive use (Swiss knife type) is a good compromise.

Legislation on wearing the knife: Wearing a knife with locking blade (switchblade …) is strictly forbidden because it is automatically considered a weapon of sixth grade, unless you can justify it by explaining, for example, you go hunt, fish or gather.
The case law does not necessarily punish the wearing of certain weapons such as folding, not fitted with locking device knives, but expect to have to justify yourself, refer to forfeiture.

The little plastic whistle is particularly appreciated by the English, easy to get it allows to report his position or alert in case of aggression. Is someone can confirm its usefulness in France?

A large handkerchief or a clean cloth bandana

A small bottle of water or a mini-canteen: Yes running water is everywhere, and besides there is a good reason for it is vital. Nobody ended up dehydrated in a park or in a long queue? (message to some readers of my knowledge here, we remind you that the subject is “drink water”).

A candy bar: Okay. I have said that everything was white sugar base was potentially dangerous to the organism (highly addictive, consumed in excess in our civilization …) and if I did not Actually I’m about: we consume too much. However, there are some weeks I found myself locked up while an afternoon sports in a hot room for a belt testing. I had not eaten enough to last long but I’m providing, and it’s amazing what these little junk sugar can do good when they are really needed. This may be through a single balisto I held the shock. :-p

Paper and pen. There is probably no need to justify the obvious (For example, use a moleskin notebook, the flyer book).

Medicines bases and tissues. Everyone should have some analgesic tablets (ibuprofen type) in her purse for emergencies.

Tape coupled with rope and a knife, some good quality tape (duct tape) not allow you a lot of emergencies crafts. You do not have to move with the entire roll, by the way: in a small length wrap around a pen, it is more convenient to carry.

A small LED lamp. You can find for REALLY cheap on the net. They are lightweight, efficient, reliable and very useful in case of power failure. Like many readers I always have one on me.

A USB key. We live in the era of information, and information can change your life. I chose this one because it is nice and its design goes well on a key ring: LaCie iamaKey – USB flash drive – 8 GB – Hi-Speed USB, but nothing requires you to take this model.

Condoms. Non-lubricated, they allow you to carry water, put your phone safe in case of flooding, or even to light a fire. Lubricated, they would have another very entertaining feature :-p

A little Googling quickly informs me that the urban survival gear as referenced is makeup. Forgive me my first impression, but I was slightly disappointed. So good. Let. If you are a girl, your survival gear contain makeup. Either. Sorry for you.
Here, I’ll take your advice to girls, because the proposed boxes survival gear at Sephora are too big to fit in a bag.

A bracelet survival: parachute cord of compound, to have a permanently chord length batterie.

If you have an opinion, questions or an urge to correct my spelling errors, use the comments. ?

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