you can enjoy unforgettable moments to learn the techniques of life and survival of the preserved spaces!

All our survival courses for the year are on site at the calendar page.

In the Hautes Aples / Brittany / Near Paris / Lyon.

No need for great physical condition as it is 25 points learn survival skills, you will sleep in the shelters you have built, you will make your fire, your water filtrerez …. no drill sergeant screaming you Above and stress free!

the goal is to learn techniques and not to put themselves in danger! Then it will be through good times!

Open to all from 10 years accompanied and 16 with parental discharge letter

Equipment loan possible if you do not have any or do not want to invest right away.

Carpooling can send us your request by email

To give you an idea of ​​the spirit that reigns in our courses here’s a report from France: http://youtu.be/8y7vyBt3oro

You want to learn to get by alone in nature?

It seems important to know what you do in a crisis rather than being passive and helpless?

Want to regain autonomy in a society that promotes comfort and assistantship?

You will go on an expedition and need advice and techniques for the trip goes without unpleasant surprises?

Want overtake you, know what you have in your belly?

You thirst for authentic moments in contact with nature, the fire in the human sharing?

So take the plunge and get started!





Upcoming courses

2016 Calendar

February :

March :

5/6 Internship survival Paris

5/6 cold survival Alpes € 200 Internship click here

26/27/28 Training survival cold Alps € 250 click here

26/27/28 Training survival Paris

April :

16/17/18 Training survival Alps

16/17/18 Training survival Paris

23/24/25 Training survival Paris

23/24/25 physical and mental hardening – stress management

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