Ferrari Portofino: the test of the heiress of California


With its new coupe-cabriolet, Ferrari continues the tradition of elegance and sportiness. A style exercise not so easy to apply without pouring into the “too much”. In Fine, the Portofino gets there by adding a true look of Italian Grand Touring.

The very select club of automotive brands exceptions holds its breath. And for good reason. The arrival of the new 2 + 2 wearing the yellow coat of arms of the prancing horse is a major event. It’s been 10 years since the California T reigns supreme in the Haute-Couture coupé-cabriolet segment since it can proudly claim the title of the best-selling Ferrari in history. Better, with a rate of 70% of new customers, the California T was the product of conquest par excellence.

Suffice to say that the manufacturer transalpine at least the same ambitions XXL to its new Portofino which would allow it to target 9000 sales in 2018. A record!

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Bye bye California, Ciao Portofino
To mark a little more its return to tradition, this new generation borrows the name of a small Italian port, also become over the years “the place To Be” for the Jet Set. Finish California and its Pacific coast now place in Portofino in the Mediterranean. This geographical relocation is fairly representative of the changes that have taken place from one generation to the next. We can only appreciate the new stylistic shift driven by the Ferrari Design House.

Bling-Bling is now giving way to a sharper, sportier and more modern design. Particular attention has been paid to the proportions. When the roof is deployed it is almost impossible to detect the cut-and-cabriolet character of the Portofino. Yet this type of bodywork is usually “detectable” at first glance, the fault with a rounded roofline and a prominent posterior. Well there … the silhouette is stretched generously to the trunk, which lighten and balance the rear end of the Italian. “What Bella Ragazza!”

The front panel shows the style codes of the GTC4Lusso. You will tell me, there is worse as a reference. Starting with the grille with a carnivorous smile and optical boomerang ways with a more discreet opening to channel the flow of air along the front wheels. This stream is then redirected to the “open” side opening nicely executed. This distinctive element of Portofino is beautiful and reminds us that design is increasingly involved in the development of a sports car.

The interior of the Italian also initiates a lot of change … and in a good way. Inspired 812 Superfast, that of Portofino displays a beautiful presentation or are superimposed different materials. Black leather stitched with red, aluminum or carbon, the set will flatter the eye and certainly the ego of its owner. This same owner will have the leisure to manage all the functions while keeping the hands on the wheel. Blinkers, windshield wipers, full headlight, voice control are installed.

The passenger is not left out since Ferrari is considered more like a co-pilot. It will also have a return on the engine speed, or on the driving mode (comfort, Sport or ESC Off) on a full HD screen of 8.8 ”. Despite the appearance of utra-slim seats (ultra thin magnesium structure), the rear seats are still considered to be seats of supplements hence the name 2 + 2.

On the road of happiness in Ferrari
It is inevitably a smile that we start the beautiful Italian. To maintain good relations with the neighborhood the V8 biturbo systematically snorts with a certain reserve. But once the first engaged, and the “manetino” in Sport mode, the new exhaust is released with the help of an electronic valve control …