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Surviving Liver

Most of us have never actually been facing extreme survival situation like war, famine etc. I hate to put forward theories without evidence and to share historical stories or testimonials of people who have experienced similar situations, so we do not have many sources on which we rely to get an idea of people’s behavior […]

survival gear list and Will be a survival shelter

The situations of survival gear list and life in nature in general can be separated into two broad categories: those where the objective is to move (on holiday or escape, which can happen in case of war, disaster area without food sufficient, etc.), and those where the objective is “simply” to survive, waiting for relief, […]


you can enjoy unforgettable moments to learn the techniques of life and survival of the preserved spaces! All our survival courses for the year are on site at the calendar page. In the Hautes Aples / Brittany / Near Paris / Lyon. No need for great physical condition as it is 25 points learn survival […]

Survival Skills Water

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Water is essential in a survival situation. This is one of the needs that will be most urgent to find. You can not live long without it, especially in warmer areas where the water is lost rapidly through perspiration. Even in cold areas, you need a minimum of 2 liters of water every day to […]

Survival Pack tips

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survival mode Tips and tricks Here are the different items on survival in nature. 1. How to navigate without a compass -In Night (northern hemisphere) Locate the North Star, is point after the little bear. A merchant in his direction you go north. -watch Moss on trees, it grows much further north because it need […]

Best Survival trick and tips

The return best Survival barely digested, that fall happens. And if to console us, it brings with it a whole batch of new animated series about to tumble to your screens, you must not forgetting the manga tips outlets, which they continue to tumble every week. This month, it is well over 170 volumes that […]

Survival Tips Morocco

Survival Tips On the cover is the same man walking , a world map as a backpack. But then this edition of the ” Survival Tips” is for those who have taken the path of exile . This volume dedicated to refugees¬† ,¬† and it is only the beginning. An expanded version is already envisaged […]