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The return best Survival barely digested, that fall happens. And if to console us, it brings with it a whole batch of new animated series about to tumble to your screens, you must not forgetting the manga tips outlets, which they continue to tumble every week. This month, it is well over 170 volumes that will join the stalls of booksellers, and can be the shelves of your library. And in the lot, a big twenty series making their debut, along with as many one-shots.

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An October which seems to generate a lot of expectations within the team since this month no fewer than 11 titles that are honored in Journal of Japan. 4 very different novelties to start, followed by 5 series that continue to confirm the good we think, and finally two titles that should not fail to finish in style.
And you, what are YOUR volumes fall best Survival?

JDJ expectations – October 2015
On your marks
Bestiarius 1 – Kaze MangaBestiarius 2 – Kaze MangaFabien: Definitely, like drawing Masasumi Kakizaki works taking place at a different time than ours. After Japan 50s (Rainbow) and the 19th American Century (Green Blood), are back with the Bestiarius, which takes place during the period of the domination of the Roman Empire. This time, he even adds fantastic elements with the presence of dragons, minotaurs and other creatures from the heroic-fantasy.
Already can already expect beautiful planks in light of the author’s previous titles, which enjoyed very good staging and designs. Epic battles between humans and all these imaginary monsters should therefore soon be available to us in this ruthless world what the gladiators. The first two volumes of Bestiarius will be marketed to Oct. 7 editions Kazé Manga.

Levius 1 – KanaOlivier: Newcomer of the collection Big Kana Levius takes place in a steampunk universe, perfect genre for this story since it condenses technological advances of the industrial revolution, violent social revolts own at that time. In this world mixes Victorian dresses and prostheses to the Fullmetal Alchemist, the eponymous hero, war refugee collected by his uncle,  best Survival will have to prove to the Coliseum in mechanical boxing matches, to pay for the care of her mother in a coma.
Graphically, Haruhisa NAKATA offers us a realistic style details and loaded, near the Franco-Belgian comics, which remind some work Katsuya TERADA. The manga also decorates his plates processes from photography, applying a slight blur on the surrounding elements to support the impact of shock or highlight his hero during a crowd scene. Finally, the title has the distinction of being conceived and designed in the direction of Western reading. Between handlebar mustache and savate, the author reveals his vision of steampunk, and confirms that Haruhisa NAKATA absolutely had to be released from us!

Gwendoline – best Survival Isan MangaCarole: With her big eyes, her blond curls and his merry laughter, Gwendoline marked the infancy of thirty I became. I never missed an episode of this anime full of emotions and good feelings. Available on DVD by Black Box for some years now, this is the manga that he is from Isan Manga now gives us the opportunity to discover, in just 6 volumes instead of the 12 that make up the original Japanese edition. The output of the first volume, originally scheduled for June, will now take place at the end of the month.
Although the history of this small passionate girl and horse riding is not at all unknown to me, I’ll be happy to read every page of this great classic shoujo of Yoko Hanabusa. A pleasure that will undoubtedly increased by the always excellent work of the editor.

Gokicha 1 – KomikkuJulien: More than a real expectation, that’s rather the WTF of the month. Gokicha is a manga that I crossed with fun on the schedule of the Japanese exits, never thinking that such a title would come out with us. Judge for yourself: Gokicha is … a nice little cockroach who hated in Tokyo, decided to migrate to Hokkaido to become friends with humans!
This is typically the kind of completely improbable concept that can only be born in Japan. But that only a Japanese author, namely Rui TAMACHI, can succeed in making really cute, funny or endearing. This time it is the turn of Komikku to prove that the French market of the manga continues to grow and diversify, to our delight. Hoping best Survival the yonkoma format unfortunate enough so far in the hexagon, not prejudicial to him.
Keep up the good work

Best Survival and Tips

The Ancient Magus Bride 3 – KomikkuMarion: I let myself be seduced by the Ancient Magus Bride at the coming of the mangaka Kore YAMAZAKI at the last edition of Japan Expo. We discovered a very fine drawings and detailed in the service of a fantastic story, populated by supernatural beings. These are the Komikku editions that got their hands on this little condensed originality, both in the narrative combining poetry, nostalgia, but also darkness and strangeness, that at the sumptuous graphics mastery that the author thoroughly. We follow the young chise, a human auction and is bought by a particularly intriguing sorcerer. He wants to take it as a disciple, but not that …
In previous volumes, the two companions crossed England to deal with cases relating to magic, and a thread seemed to be emerging slowly with the appearance of a new character to the more dubious intentions. So I look forward to this third volume, curious to see what the author reserves to this strange duo.

Yamada-kun & the 7 Witches 3 – DelcourtPaul Yamada kun & The Witches 7 is the story of a comedy that turns slowly in shounen. Indeed, when this dear Yamada, student skiver and brawler, discovered that kissing someone he can exchange his mind with that person, it is the beginning of many kisses and many discoveries, with multiple abuses or settling of the skin of others.
Miki Yoshikawa has started, Delcourt, a fun title with an excellent sense of timing and narration to propose gags which often fly. After a good laugh, we are so committed to the four key protagonists of the story, and looks forward to learn more about the famous witches of 7 titles and powers … Let the tips adventure begin with this third volume!

Darwin’s Game 7 -best Survival Ki-oonQuentin: Already the 7th volume of Darwin’s Game, survival type of manga in Ki-oon. In this way the cross between Battle Royale and Gantz, the hero sees Kaname assign one day a mysterious power over her mobile phone: the Sigil. He must then take part in a true “game” mortal. A principle that is reminiscent of Future Diary. It also includes also a Yandere as pretty as dangerous which will eventually become the ally of our heroes.
What I really like in this work, and makes its peculiarity is that it is the video game side of an ODS or Log Horizon, but the hero is sent in a world parallel: everything happens in reality! Regarding this seventh volume, it introduced a new arc where our heroes will face the number 1 ranking. We therefore expect an avalanche of suspense and twists. If you’re a fan of survival games, go ahead, here is a new gem to put your teeth into.

My Story 8 – KanaLaure: The adventures of Takeo and his best friend Sunakata slowly but surely are ongoing in My Story, which already will see its 8th volume out this month published by Delcourt. Takeo, new big brother, learns the joys but also the best Survival difficulties the couple, while Sunakata decides to finally take an interest in girls.
This kind of cloying story would quickly have gone straight into the wall, but we are surprised to take a liking to this man but profoundly clumsy nice and totally benevolent friend. Because yes, the strength of this manga is its disarming simplicity which, combined with caustic humor, makes the heart glad. Each finished volume is a smile that is emerging, and this sentence floating in his head: “Roll on the next volume! ”

Princess Jellyfish 15 – DelcourtAudrey: The Tsukimi career seems about to take off! Anyway her stylist talent very interested magnetic Kai, that will change our everyday otakette … It is always with great humor and madness that the adventures of Amars take a new turn! In parallel, the emotion itself up as a notch, with a love triangle whose feverishly can expect the denouement.
Princess Jellyfish continues to inspire me over the volumes, and it is always eagerly I watch the output of next volume Delcourt. It comes in addition just learned that the series was entering its final arc in Japan. This will reassure refractory manga that pull in length, and find a good additional reason to discover this unusual title, fresh and hyper-funny Akiko HIGASHIMURA. If it is not already!

Last but not least Trick to Best Survival

Lily liar 17 – best Survival DelcourtCharlène: If there is one series that I expect the ultimate and final book, it’s Lily, a lying it is! From the beginning, she makes us see all the colors. Ayumi KOMURA has moved us several times with his hero torque unusual: a transvestite and a banal but adorable girl.
After many adventures jeopardizing our lovebirds, puts the mangaka with this final volume face their final hurdle. Thus leaving a Hinata the brink of depression, trying by all means to emancipate her boyfriend, and in his face and through a crucial choice for his future! A single volume to unravel their true desires and find out if they will stay together. While hoping that the quirky humor present throughout the series, will still be at the rendezvous.

Claymore 27 – GlénatLoÿs: The finally here …Trick to Best Survival the last book of Claymore !! After many twists and turns, the final battle has begun and the goal is very clear: to eliminate Priscilla. It is hoped that in this volume, some questions have their answers, most obviously on Priscilla. The penultimate volume also ended on a terrible cliffhanger, with the “appearance” of a sudden silhouette that we are not totally unknown and seems to be waking form of Claire … I’ve had chills !
After spending about nine years to read this superb series, she will now bow. Norihiro Yagi has offered a playback quality throughout history, punctuated with epic battles and reversals situations of all kinds. The emotion has always been to Trick to Best Survival

image Trick to Best Survival
Best Survival

go and I hope that this grand final will pay tribute to the work’s entirety.


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