Bentley Continental GT, at the appointment of the Grand Tourisme!

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The Bentley Continental GT is completely revamping its copy: modernized styling, new chassis, even more powerful engine and advanced technologies. What makes her the best GT?

Football car, rapper or rather notable of the City? Difficult to establish the typical customer robot portrait of the Bentley Continental GT. But one thing is certain, the beautiful English seduced a very large public since its release in 2003.

Nothing more normal for a car that perfectly embodies the philosophy of Grand Touring. Namely a car as refined as comfortable and powerful. And of course, unaffordable for the average person with an invoice starting at 200.000 €.

Only after 15 years of loyal service, even a charismatic vehicle like him begins to lose his aura, causing inevitably a decline in sales … and necessarily a renewal. So is the life of the automobile!

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To perpetuate the original charm of the Continental GT, and thus continue to seduce its regulars, the design team led by the most British of Germans, Stefan Sielaff and his three-piece suit with Scottish motives, refined his stroke of pencil.

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While the Continental is always recognizable thanks to its front so special, but its silhouette is more tapered, much less massive. An impression reinforced by a stronger profile and an increased length of 5 cm. The rear too, with its almond lights responding to its oval tailpipes, is less pachydermic.

Evolutions in continuity that mask a revolution. Already, the body entirely made of aluminum – except for the trunk of composite materials – makes gain the GT 80 kg, but it is especially its technical base which is unpublished. Forget the very old Volkswagen Phaeton, it is now the latest Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera it takes the skeleton.

It took no less to exploit to the fullest what has been the peculiarity of the brand for years, his heart beating, the W12 6.0 biturbo! Driven here at 635 horsepower – like the old-generation Speed ​​- this diabolical machinery is now assembled in Crewe where it takes 630 hours for “B” Winged employees to make it entirely.

Brutal !
A firepower that literally leap 2.244 kg of the mastodon: 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and 333 km / h of top speed, more than a hare like the McLaren 570S.

It is especially to this mechanical force is added a torque that could twist any transmission: 900 Nm from 1.350 rpm, truck! A feat all the more interesting as the Continental GT has abandoned its automatic transmission for a dual clutch variant, which succeeds in sending this force to both axles.

Another particularity of this new GT, the distribution of the typical torque propulsion of its integral transmission. Engineers have chosen to send up to 83% of the power on the rear axle. For grandpas the Continental GT?

Add to that a new ultra-communicative direction, a cornering torque vectoring system and active anti-roll bars running on 48V architecture, and you get a real bomb, much sharper than before!

The car turns flat, wraps the curves and even allows some waddling of the rear in dynamic driving. Nevertheless, its technologies, as sophisticated as they are, must still abdicate when the turns are tightening and multiplying. Even the GT Queen can not beat the laws of physics!

The definition of comfort

Driving in absolute calm is obviously the other strength of this new Bentley. With a simple rotation of the chiseled chrome dial, the Continental switches from Sport mode to Comfort mode (not forgetting the Bentley and Custom modes), showing its true strength and versatility.

W12 fires then fade, the fin is stored, the direction is lightened and the suspension becomes a real flying carpet, incredible comfort. For this, the “Conti” can count on a new three-chamber controlled damping acting with air suspension adjustable to the card. What to take full advantage of the cabin way English lounge.

And what a living room! The marriage of noble materials like leather, wood and chrome is almost perfect. The patterns made for some by hand show the full extent of Crewe’s know-how.

It’s beautiful, it’s refined and it’s now technological! The Continental GT takes over the fully digital instrumentation of the Volkswagen Group, to which it adds a rather incredible option: a triple central rotating panel, letting appear the choice of 12-inch tactile infotainment screen taken from the Panamera , a wooden lacquer or a wooden panel with 3 counters.